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Procuring IT Hardware & Software in Various Industries

Procuring the latest innovations... made easy!

Ru-Link has helped various industries develop procurement strategies that put IT to work. Our expert staff has helped hundreds of businesses and organizations of banking, consumer technology, retail, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, education, government, healthcare and real estate industries even the hardest to find technologies and equipment.




Ru-Link is well versed in serving Federal and Provincial/State governments. We understand government agencies face challenges when procuring IT equipment and services, that's why; we offer the right resources and expertise to increase efficiency and aid in decision making.

Transportation & Logistics

Ru-Link delivers digital transformation and IT procurement services for the Transportation & Logistics industry that includes our Transportation services - Air, Rail, Road or Shipping and Logistics clients all over the world.


Ru-Link supports retailers transform their technology to increase a 360-degree sight of consumers and, with better prominence into the buyer experience, increase order fulfillment and inspire teamwork between supplies and supply chain partners.


eHealth initiatives, and EOL technologies have created a growing need for innovation in the health care sector. Ru-Link works with health care organizations and service providers daily to aid and develop strategic procurement operations.


Ru-Link has been on the cutting edge of technology procurement consulting for some of the world’s major producers. A smart manufacturing is empowering hyper-personalization abetted by new heights of automation.


Ru-Link’s expert attitude backed by years of proficiency and technology consulting to digital banking like test engineering, software development, monitoring obedience and managed services. This is how we’re helping financial organisations raise their digital innovation services.



Ru-Link delivers high quality procurement and IT management solutions to school boards, universities and other education institutions across the country. Its one less thing to worry about, so decision makers can focus on innovating education.


Leveraging our inborn proficiency, Ru-Link works to deliver your developing businesses with insurance solutions like risk management and implementation of software that help you keep pace in a transforming industry.

Consumer Technology

Industries need to stay connected with their customer base with smart devices. Partner with Ru-Link consumer technology consulting and learn how we can improve your business connectivity. With Consumer-centric culture, the company prepares for ‘Beyond Digital’.

Brands we Partner with

With Ru-Link as a partner to their success, IT decision makers don't have to worry when introducing new innovations, into their IT environments.

Our compliance checks and deployment services make rolling-out new infrastructure as seamless as possible